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e² Young Engineers – Milton-Burlington, Ontario

young engineersWelcome to e² Young Engineers Milton-Burlington, Ontario website!

We are extremely excited to offer e² Young Engineers® programs to the Milton-Burlington, Ontario area! e² Young Engineers®, an important and innovative learning system, is designed to utilize an EDUTAINMENT approach (education + entertainment) through a variety of programs including after-school enrichment classes, pre-school classes, summer camps, birthday parties and special events where children are given an opportunity to LEARN while having FUN building with the world’s favorite building block – LEGO®!  We are confident that children will be enriched with new views and experiences during this learning process while introducing children to theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

About Young Engineers Milton-Burlington:

At e² Young Engineers Milton-Burlington, we are passionate about EDUTAINMENT (education + entertainment) while preparing children to be future-ready by teaching them skill sets such as entrepreneurship, technological skills, and independent learning which enables them conquer the world today and in the future!

e² Young Engineers operates in over 20 countries worldwide and we are proud to be offering the proven and successful learning system locally in Milton-Burlington.  It is our vision and mission to ensure children meet their full potential through invention, creation and experimentation.

At Young Engineers, we believe that the most effective way to engage students and assist them to develop their learning skills and knowledge is by making learning fun and exciting. This can only be achieved through a well-planned “Hands-On” Educational System which combines

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

Young Engineers has implemented two teaching techniques in creating our edutainment method: The Spiral Learning method and PBL.

Learning Systems / Teaching Strategies

Spiral Learning

The first step in the spiral learning method is to introduce basic concepts through interactive stories and simple demonstrations.  Next, instructors introduce a new subject while maintaining the elements of the previous concepts.  With each ring of the “spiral”, children absorb more complex concepts all while reinforcing previous learning.

Our Spiral Learning technique is embedded into each Young Engineers lesson ensuring that the learning of simple to advance topics are distributed throughout the term.  Each term begins with basic building skills, engineering terms and gradually advances to more complex builds and software programming through robotics.  Spiral learning is a proven and effective learning system that ensures that children retain the knowledge, key concepts, mastery of facts and skills in their long term memory.

P3 Based Learning

Product Based Learning: Each lesson, students create a product that demonstrate the lessons’ scientific principle (i.e gravity principle – elevator build).

Problem Based Leaning: After the product building experience, the instructor challenges the children to enhance the model to solve a real world problem (i.e. Wright Brothers – rescue helicopters)

Project Based Learning: By planning and executing a project from start to finish, students develop their team building, presentation skills and entrepreneurial skills.